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Hospital Transformation

Assess | APIS experts assess various areas across all the hospital levels: leading practices in governance, meaningful strategies, practical financial analysis, compliance with internal and external regulations, innovative digital solutions, engaging human resources, efficient infrastructures, lean processes and operations.  

Develop | We develop customized strategies and actionable solutions, based on our extensive experience in healthcare, to empower smarter decisions and enable sustained results.

Restructure | We work hand-in-hand with the hospital management team to implement proposed restructuring actions, while quantifying significant outcomes and KPIs that matter to the client.

Market Entry Strategy

Analyze | APIS experts analyze the healthcare sector in the project environment and identify the gap between the targeted health services demand and supply.

Define | APIS experts define the concept, size and range of services to be offered in the healthcare project as well as the service delivery model. We develop the project financial model including high level revenues and cost assumptions to reflect the financial projections.

Advise | We help our clients select the project that best matches their strategy, based on a thorough evaluation of market attractiveness, operational complexity, and return on investment.

Health Facility Planning

Plan | Based on the latest national and international health facility design standards, APIS experts define the Functional Space Program, the interrelations between departments and the Room Data Sheets outlining the requirements in terms of area, fixtures, finishes, systems and equipment.

Review | We review the architectural and system drawings and generate recommendations to align them with national and international standards.

Support | We work in close collaboration with the client, architects and engineers to ensure alignment of the health facility with its purpose and the standards.

Health Program and Policy

Analyze | Prior to the evaluation or the development of a health program or policy, we collect the needed data through different means such as desk reviews/secondary data analyses and quantitative and/or qualitative methods (surveys, focus group discussions, interviews) and assess the results, the related relevant context, the governance model, regulations, financing system, human resources, and infrastructure. We rigorously analyze the data to provide a solid basis for the evaluation or the development of health programs and policies.  

Evaluate | Based on the data analysis and current evidence-based best practices, APIS experts evaluate all the components of health programs, policies and health financing models to improve access to care and care delivery.

Change | We conscientiously work alongside decisionmakers to provide tailored recommendations, develop, implement and monitor health programs, judicious national health policies, and innovative health financing models, with an approach that allows stakeholders to reach aspired targeted changes quickly and efficiently.

Competency Building

Develop | We apply evidence-based knowledge and skills in healthcare practice and develop management and clinical training programs customized to the specific needs of our clients.

Train | APIS trainers are recognized for their solid educational background, extensive hands-on expertise in healthcare and strong track-record in academic instruction. APIS training programs are engaging, challenging and learner-focused, driving the participants to develop competences based on innovative training techniques. All our training modules can be delivered in English, French or Arabic.

Improve | We believe that training is a process and not an isolated event, and therefore follow a comprehensive process to drive behavioral changes through mystery shopping interactions, manager coaching programs and booster training sessions.

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