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We are a Leading Specialized Healthcare Consultancy that Helps Institutions, Policy Makers and Investors Realize their Vision

APIS modus operandi is focused on joining efforts with our clients - together as one team - to deliver impactful results that empower smarter decisions and create greater opportunities.

Our Identity

APIS lives up to its name

APIS in Latin means "Bee".
Bees are essential contributors to the renewal and growth of their environments; they provide highly valued services for a wide variety of crops and ultimately turn nectar into honey.
Organized in a complex but very efficient social model that develops each individual's competency, bees ensure collective sustainability and growth to the hive.

Our Approach

We Deliver Value-Added Consultancy Services to Create Transformative Impacts on Hospitals and Healthcare Institutions

APIS holistic approach is based on a 360° methodology that looks at the healthcare from a variety of perspectives. We view the below eight pillars to be of vital importance to any sustained and efficient performance: i. Sound Governance Model; ii. Clear Strategy; iii. Effective Technology Integration; iv. Compliance with Regulations; v. Infrastructure Adequacy; vi. Processes Efficiency; vii. People Allocation and Empowerment; viii. Funds Availability.

APIS experts adopt this approach in the design, planning, assessment, and monitoring of healthcare institutions.

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