Stopping the Cash Drain of a University Hospital
APIS Health Consulting Group
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Stopping the Cash Drain of a University Hospital


Following a thorough assessment of the university hospital, APIS developed a strategic plan to control the cash deficit and ensure the hospital financial sustainability. Our experts are actively assisting the hospital in implementing the proposed strategic plan, delivering coaching to the hospital management teams, while regularly monitoring performance and measuring KPIs. Cash deficit improved in 4 months.


  • APIS client is a leading university hospital experiencing an alarming cash deficit estimated in millions of dollars over the past few years.
  • The cash deficit was jeopardizing the hospital viable sustainability.

Our Approach

Assess | APIS experts assessed 5 main areas of the hospital: governance, strategy, finance, human resources management and supply chain.

Develop | Based on the assessment findings, APIS developed a strategic plan with critical, intermediate, and long-term objectives to decrease costs and increase revenues.

Restructure I APIS experts coached the hospital management teams and developed and implemented dashboards to regularly monitor performance.


Decrease of the cash deficit by 30 % in the first 4 months.