Planning a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility in Algeria
APIS Health Consulting Group
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Planning a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility in Algeria


Our client is an investor interested in entering the pharmaceutical industry in Algeria. APIS developed a business plan for establishing and operating a pharmaceutical manufacturing factory in Algiers that targets the future needs in Algeria, the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia. The project is estimated to reach US$ 1 billion in pharmaceutical sales over the coming 5 years of full operation.


  • Algeria government strategy consisted of developing local pharmaceutical capacity and production, in view of optimizing supply and covering 70% of the domestic product demand.
  • Our client was looking for a profitable pharmaceutical manufacturing project aligned with the government strategy and vision.

Our Approach

Analyze | To better understand the project environment, we analyzed Algeria macroeconomic and socio-demographic indicators. The market analysis allowed us to identify the drugs that are most needed and that present an added-value if manufactured in Algeria. The supply and demand of these drugs were thoroughly evaluated.

Define | APIS experts defined the business model to position the pharmaceutical plant on the Algeria market with cost and quality competitive drivers.

Advise | Based on the market analysis results and the financial projections, we recommended the best approach to develop and finance the project.


A business plan was generated including a detailed financial model for a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant that will manufacture, package and sell a wide spectrum of under-license medications for local and international markets through partnership with global brands.