Creating a Memorable Patient Experience
APIS Health Consulting Group
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Creating a Memorable Patient Experience


A teaching hospital, wishing to enhance patients’ experience at the Admissions department, requested APIS to train staff on communications best practices. Convinced that training is a process and not an isolated event, APIS experts developed and implemented a comprehensive program to drive behavioral changes at the Admissions department. Staff compliance with communication best practices improved by 32% (from 49% to 81%) in 4 months.


  • Satisfaction survey results showed a low patient satisfaction at the Admissions department.
  • Admissions staff had undergone numerous trainings on ways to improve patients’ experience, without any change in their daily behavior.

Our Approach

Develop | APIS trainers developed a customized training for the Admissions staff focusing on communications best practices and how to create a memorable patient and family experience.

Train | All admissions department staff participated in an intensive training where they mainly practiced real life situations through role plays.

Improve | To maximize training impact and drive behavioral changes, APIS trainers developed and implemented a full program including mystery shopping and video recordings to monitor the interaction between admissions’ department staff and the patient and family. The collected key performance indicators were monitored in a dashboard and discussed with the department’s staff on a monthly basis. A booster training was delivered by APIS halfway through the project.


  • The compliance of the Admissions staff with the communication and patient experience procedure improved by 32 % (from 49% to 81%)
  • The management of difficult situations with the patients improved by 46% (from 17% to 63%).