Aligning Salary Structure with Hospital Strategy
APIS Health Consulting Group
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Aligning Salary Structure with Hospital Strategy


A well-balanced function grid and an equitable salary scale are key for an effective human resources management. A specialized hospital in Jordan asked APIS for assistance in reviewing and updating their function grid and pay scale. APIS developed a full compensation system based on analysis of the hospital strategic objectives, human resources management, and the country laws and regulations. The newly developed function grid and pay scale were validated and implemented by hospital management.


  • The hospital function grid and pay scale were no longer adequate for the needs of a highly specialized hospital recruiting doctors and staff with high levels of specialty.
  • Medical staff position titles and grading were not aligned with those of peers in national and international hospitals.


Assess | Prior to the development of the function and pay grids, our experts conducted interviews to understand the expectations of hospital top executives as well as challenges and needs of department managers. APIS also reviewed job descriptions, Jordan laws and professional regulations.

Develop | Based on assessment results, our human resources experts developed a coherent function grid and salary scale aligned with the hospital vision and strategic objectives. Financial impact of the new pay scale was also quantified.


A coherent function grid and an equitable pay scale aligned with hospital’s vision, strategy and budget.